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Garage Doors Range


Roll Up Garage Doors

When it comes to protecting your assets, be it your home or your business, you can’t do
better than a Matty Doors Roll Up Garage Door.
Innovation has always been a forefront to our operation. We are market leaders in our
design of products and machinery that allow for improved quality and efficiencies
These include, amongst many, various custom made roll forming machines, robotic
welding machines and effective assembly lines.
Quality and service are of the utmost importance within our organisation and we pride
ourselves on ensuring that we always remain ahead of the game. We want all our staff
to be proud of the products that they manufacture.
We are continuously evolving as a company and take great pride in our innovative
market leading ideas.
Our custom designed stacking end caps for our garage doors allows for additional
strength, protection and loading maximisation when transporting these products.


Raised & Fielded Garage Doors
The Alu-Lux™ and Value-Lux™ garage doors, proudly crafted in South Africa, are meticulously manufactured
and assembled right here. The design is tailor-made to withstand the challenging weather conditions
commonly experienced in coastal regions. By choosing our garage doors, you not only gain peace of mind
but also enjoy unparalleled quality that surpasses expectations.

Horizontal Garage Doors
For many years, Super Doors has established itself as the premier producer of garage doors in South Africa.
We are committed to providing you with the utmost excellence in cutting-edge designs, superior quality,
top-notch safety features, and a wide range of options. Our renowned Alu-Lux™ and Value-Lux™ garage
doors, crafted exclusively from the acclaimed Aluzinc material, guarantee that you receive nothing but the
finest product available.

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